Mobile Music Therapy Service

For primary and pre-school aged children in Porirua and the Greater Wellington region.

A fun, safe space for kids to explore music

As a trained music therapist I can use music to support growth and development in a range of areas, including:

  • Personal growth and cognitive development

  • Motor skills development

  • Emotional regulation and expression

  • Social skills development

  • Exploration of musical identity

One on one tailored music therapy for children

Individual Sessions

One on one tailored music therapy for children
Assisting educators to use music to support students

School Consultation

Assisting educators to use music to support students
Professional Development for education settings


Professional Development for education settings

The Little Musical Caravan offers…

A unique, compact and fun space packed with musical instruments for your child to explore.

Delivery of quality music therapy services at schools, homes and other community settings in the Porirua and greater Wellington region.

Inclusive sessions which can help children build positive relationships and increase their sense of belonging.


Why the Little Musical Caravan?

I am a qualified music therapist specialising in working with children aged 2-13.

My child-centred approach builds on children’s strengths and follows their interests.

Close collaboration with parents, educators and other health professionals, as well as the children themselves, helps me to best understand the needs of children I work with.


Interested in finding out more about music therapy and how the Little Musical Caravan can help?

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Feedback from clients and their parents

"She makes music fun"

This is what I thought about working with Emily… It wasn’t just do the A chord on the first fret. She makes music fun. You can play any instrument you want.

"So proud of my girl"

It seems music crosses any language (and understanding) barrier, which for our children lets them at that time be as equal as so-called normal children. Though what is normal, and who decides? I am so proud of my girl and how far she has come.

"We are very pleased we found Emily!"

Our son… has been working with Emily since the beginning of last year. It really helped him to settle into his new school and make friends. His peers are very keen to join [our son] in his weekly music therapy. I hear them say now “I didn’t know he could talk so much” as [our son] can be very quiet at school.

We are very pleased we found Emily, it made a huge difference to [our son] and to us!

Thanks Emily!